Miguel Angel Lopez Prieto


I am a New York Institute of Photography graded based in London specialized in environmental portrait, and also trained for editorial, events, marketing, photojournalism and formal portraits at studio or with available light.

I have always been involved in photography but it was 17 when I got my first reflex camera and really started to guess about the power of the light recording art.

As a photographer I am committed to generate the best product reference, situation description or memories. A story-telling way to stop time forever. 


I was born in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz: “The little silvered cup” where I was given my name in honor to the great Michelangelo and where I learned my first steps in photography.

At 22 I joined the degree at Image and Sound engineering to really understand how an image is processed and created in Segovia, just a dreamed city.

Joining the NYIP with the best teachers and professionals while I am living in London was the last step to get the confidence to show my work to others.






This is my first mentor, my uncle Luis Miguel Prieto Ferrón. A Photography and English teacher, who gifted me with my first reflex and always believed in me.

He taught me to look at the world with a child’s eye and find the best way to express my thoughts and capturing them in a perfect time capsule. His positive point of view inspired me to become the best photographer I can possibly be and I owe him big part of who I am today.